Mes: septiembre 2015

Interview with Mike, The Dutch Gamecock

Mike is going to be the best man at my wedding, if that ever happens. I met him first in South Carolina where he was doing a semester abroad with the international business school. Fast forward three years, and he has his MBA, and he decides that instead of gettting a big fancy job, he’s…
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David, The Gringo from Vermont!

I’ve known David for about a year now, super cool dude, I’m glad I met him, and I hope you like him as well. If you are interested, there is a part 2 in spanish…. Keep your eyes out for a ” wonderful colombian foods update” Subscribe to my youtube channel, like my facebook, SHARE…
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Kevin, The Gringo from Tenessee!

Turns out there is another Southerner down in Tunja– check it out! I ain’t gonna be mad if you subscribe to my channel!!

Fin, The Irish Musician

I was leaving work on Thursday and I saw a guy that I always see playing guitar in Tunja. Our interaction went something like this: Zach: “Hey, where are you from?” Fin: “I’m from Ireland, and yourself?” Zach: ” The states, do you think I could interview you??” and the rest is history, or even better,…
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