Interview with Mike, The Dutch Gamecock

Interview with Mike, The Dutch Gamecock

Mike is going to be the best man at my wedding, if that ever happens. I met him first in South Carolina where he was doing a semester abroad with the international business school. Fast forward three years, and he has his MBA, and he decides that instead of gettting a big fancy job, he’s going to come down to South America and enjoy life. He is one of the few people I know that has prioritized time over money, and truly appreciates travel. If you ever meet him, you’ll notice he’s anxious – to experience life to the fullest. I’ll leave you with those words, and this video of his interview. Thanks for coming brother, it’s great having you here!

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  1. Gari dice:

    Zach!!!! Awesome… i love that plaza since i met me buddy there after 3 monthsvtravelling each one on our own! Lol

  2. Shows you over and over again: IF IT AIN’T DUTCH, IT AIN’T MUCH!

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